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Posted 05 Mar, 2018 12:39 PM by Keila

Dallas Invitational 2018

Dallas Invitational will take place on April 28th at Richardson Church of the Nazarene in Richardson, TX. (2101 E Renner Rd, Richarson, TX)

There will be 3 divisions this year:


  • District Competitive (For SNU field teams vying for the SNU field champion title - Max 1 team per district.)
  • District Less Competitive/Local Experienced (For any district team not competing in the competitive division and local teams who have a few years of experience or who prefer faster-paced jumping.)
  • Local Novice (For local teams only. This is for any local team with first-year quizzers or more experienced quizzers who still prefer a slower-paced quizzing environment.)


Registration deadline is April 21, 2018. Please make sure all team lineups are finalized by Wednesday, April 25th.

The cost for local teams is $35 for the first team and $20 for each additional team from the same church. Please make checks payable to NorthEast Texas NYI.

Registration will begin at 7:30AM, coaches meeting at 8, and first rounds at 8:30.

A very limited amount of housing may be available upon request. First come, first served.


If you have questions, please contact Keila Bechtold at:


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